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The newest member of the family.

I have had the pleasure of welcoming the newest member to the family, the Canon 70-200 ƒ/2.8 IS II USM.  


This is my second L lens, alongside my trusty Canon 17-40 F4L. I've heard incredible things about the Canon 70-200, particularly how tack sharp it is wide open at ƒ/2.8. I've owned it for a couple weeks now and I must say, the focus on the lens is incredibly snappy. It's able to pick up subjects incredibly quickly and maintain focus. Not to mention the image stabilization that gives 4 stops of shake correction. 

That's just ridiculous.  

I'm particularly looking forward in seeing how well the IS holds up while locked down to a tripod; I've ran into some issues before while using the Sigma 70-200 ƒ/2.8 without OS (optical stabilization). Turns out IS can be a real lifesaver when you're doing something as simple as tracking shots. 

I shot this (very) short video awhile back with a Canon 70-200 that my friend let me borrow for about a week.


More to come with this beautiful piece of glass.

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