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Manfrotto 502 Video Head MVH502AH

I finally ordered a solid tripod head. For 4 years, I've been using the 322RC2 head, which is actually the head I bought when I first got my tripod. It's a pistol-grip head that allows for quick adjustments. It's an excellent head but is an absolute nightmare when doing video. Unless of course you're only doing static shots, but even then gets annoying.


Last year, I went to the local camera store in search for a good fluid head. They didn't really have a good selection, so I had to settle for the 700RC2. This one was decent; panning and tilting seemed to suffice, but it wasn't as sturdy as I'd like. Luckily this head used the same quick release plates as the 322RC2, so I could swap heads without having to change the plates on my camera.


I just ordered the Manfrotto 502 from Amazon which should be arriving Wednesday, just in time for my BSU gig. This one is a lot sturdier, and supports Manfrotto's Bridging Technology which includes a variety of new features:

  1. PAN fluid drag system for a more ergnomic operation
  2. Easy Link Connectors for a more flexible accessory attachment
  3. Wider top plate and longer sliding plate for extra stability and balance when using video or photo quipment
  4. An even more rigid structure for maximum precision and improved responsiveness
  5. Counterbalance system ensures quick set-up and optimal performance
  6. Ball-bearing drag system for precise, smooth movements
  7. Lightweight modern materials for optimum balance of strength and size
  8. ABR (Advanced Balancing Recorder) for precision when fixing equipment , ensuring perfect position, saving time and making this operation much more efficient, accurate, and fast

You probably didn't read the majority of that and I don't blame you. Basically it's just awesome.   I figured this head would be a great place to start building my rig upon.

The 502 head in all its glory.

The 502 head in all its glory.

More to come when it arrives.

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