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Desert Oasis High School 2012 Winter Assembly

Desert Oasis High School held its 5th annual winter assembly, featuring performances from the dance team, break team, women's basketball team, along with multiple student-techer games. The first ever Winter Court was also presented, and the king and queen will be determined at the Masquerade Ball December 15, 2012.

This was a fun video to shoot! It was the first time I really implemented my newest piece of equipment: the GoPro HD Hero 3. I decided not to do any time lapses since I've already done them in two other assembly videos. The camera was strapped to Reece via a chest harness and captured his point of view during the performance. I was originally going to strap the camera up to on of the girl dancers, but I thought it wouldn't look good with their outfits and would be too distracting. I hooked up the camera to a cheerleader to try it out and it looked really awesome, but couldn't actually use it during the performance since most of them were stunting. Such a bummer.

I handed my slider over to Spencer for the assembly, so the footage would be stabilized and provide good contrast from the energetic Glidecam shots. All I need now is a solid tripod / head system, as the one provided with my slider is pretty poopy. 

I felt like I dropped the ball with a few shots, and missed key points of action, but thankfully the song was short enough to where I could capture the entire event and fit everything in. The song is "I Like It" by Suite 709. I first heard this song on a Google commercial for Google Hangouts on Air which can be viewed here. If you haven't noticed yet, I always try to include upbeat, lively songs in assembly videos to convey the energy through the digital medium.