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Shot the event with Lorenzo and Nico. Had myself a pretty fun time. I mostly wanted to go to try out my new slider, which proved to be quite useful as 65% of the shots are from the slider. I don't know the first thing about cars, but it was awesome being around all these tuned up Subies with engines that purr, haha. 

The opening shot is of Lorenzo's 2007 Subaru WRX. It's got all kinds of bells and whistles that make it fancy. One of my favorite shots is when he starts it up and if you look closely you can see the engine rumble. :) It was weird being around all these people that were talking about their car parts and engines and I was just standing there like a derp with a camera. I supposed if I took them to a camera convention, they'd all feel the same way. 


There a few minor errors I am aware of in the video, some of which I just couldn't get past. Some included all the shots where my shadow is visible, and that's a complete no-no in the filmmaking world, or even for any video for that matter. The Las Vegas sun was being stupid as usual with no clouds, of course, to diffuse the light.

It turns out I didn't shoot as much as I should've, but made do with what I had. I could've gotten more slider footage with varying lenses. We were granted rooftop access for some of the shots where I mounted the Sigma 70-200, which was incredibly shaky, even with the tripod. It really made me miss the IS Canon has. Personally, I felt that all the Glidecam shots whooshing around the cars got a bit old and cliché, but hey, it's a learning experience!

Both Lorenzo and I made copies of the video files so we could make our own edits, this one is 100% mine. Excluding the wonderful music, of course. The track is Stand by Me, by Timeflies.


Hope you enjoy the edit! 

Technical tidbits:
Used a combo of 60D + 7D, though mostly 7D
Tokina 11-16 ƒ/2.8
Canon 50mm ƒ/1.4
Sigma 70-200 ƒ/2.7
indiSLIDERmini deluxe
Manfrotto sticks

This was my first extensive shoot with my new indiSLIDER mini deluxe and it's pretty great. I do, however, have a couple issues with it. There are a few minor dings along the track, which cause the slider to occasionally hiccup while I'm trying to track a shot, and the included pistol-ball head is complete crap. My hands are all blistered up from using it all day. I have a Manfrotto 322 joystick head I plan to use with it, as soon as I pick up a few extra quick release plates.